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SNPhotography108 has over 7 years of experience in a wide range of Photography and Graphic Design. 

She has her diploma in Photography and  Digital Filmmaking from New York Film Academy from 2013. 
And has done Photography Workshops locally and internationally with Doug Gordon (2011) Clay Blackmore (2012) David Fraser (2016) Mentored by James Solomon ( 2012-2013). 
Graphic Design Education From Local Graphics Design Schools and online institutions

2019 Award Winner for Best Photography by the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago for Poui Season thru a Glass Sphere 

She Loves Different genres of photography but prefers to only specialize in a few. 

As a Busy Businesswoman in her day job managing the operations of a family-owned business in Trinidad and Tobago, she prefers to do photography in her free time for special charity organisations, and pursue her personal projects.