Mellisha Rahamut(non-registered)
I worked with snphotography108 last weekend and I had a blast! Such a friendly and funny person. I truly enjoyed my shoot and the experience!
Shannon Mc(non-registered)
Great personality with awesome ideas. Pleasure working with you and the team
Lili Sm(non-registered)
I had a big honor to work close with Sharmila .I am Professional MUA and as artist I met my soulmate. Sharmila is very artistic person. Her works is more than art .I was lucky to meet her in Miami and work with her on few projects.
Babatunde Jones(non-registered)
Wonderful photography done by an amazing and talented photographer
Nicole Sobers(non-registered)
Sharmila is such a sweet, considerate, and professional photographer. She photographed me in America recently, for a "Dancers in a Public Space" Venture, in Downtown Miami. We ended up switching to a photography studio in Hallandale Beach, FL, and had a wonderful time. I am so anxious to see my photos, as well as to work with Sharmila again in the future. She is not only a working reference to me; I consider her a personal friend. Spending a few days with her was a whirlwind of positivity for my professional career. Many thanks!
This is so exceptional and totally different... Love the freshness!!!
Dana Nicholson(non-registered)
Wow...Didn't realise you had that many pictures. There are a few that I really like. Keep up the good work. :) :)
Venosh Sagewan -Maraj(non-registered)
Very good work... Congrats!!
Shelley Gannes(non-registered)
Nice work!
You are an amazing photographer. You have that natural flare which is captured in all your photos! My favourite pics are the puppies..can't resist them!!!!
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